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Privacy Policy

All persons using our website and services are deemed to have accepted this policy. Although your sensitive data is not shared with third parties, it is used for transactions that benefit the service requester in proportion to the service you request. Persons who receive service by contacting us by either calling, filling out a form or e-mail are deemed to have accepted our e-mail or call. For details, information can be obtained from

Cookie Policy

This Privacy Policy was last updated on April 21, 2023.
At Isiber ("we", "us") we respect your privacy and want you to clearly understand how we collect, use and share data about you. This Privacy Policy covers our data collection practices in detail and explains your rights regarding your personal data.
The purpose of the Cookie Policy (“Cookie Notice”) is to determine the terms and conditions regarding the cookies used on the website (“Site”) operated by Purple International Technologies Doo.
This Privacy Policy applies when you visit or use our websites and related services, including mobile applications (“Services”), unless we link to or indicate otherwise to a different policy. The Privacy Policy also applies to potential customers of our business and corporate products.
By using our services, you agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to this Privacy Policy or any other agreement governing your use of the Services, you should not use the Services.
What is a cookie?
cookie; to devices (computer, application, etc.) for the proper functioning of a website or a mobile application, to improve the user experience, to develop and optimize the site, to serve more relevant, interest-based advertising, to provide an interesting and personalized website/application and advertising portfolio for visitors. smartphone, tablet) are tiny bits of data placed on them.
A cookie is a small piece of text sent to your browser by the website you are visiting. It helps the site remember information about your visit. This may provide convenience for you when you visit the site again and may make the site more useful.
Cookies help websites or mobile platforms remember your preferences. (For example, the information you enter when logging into the Site, language, location and other preferences). Thus, you do not need to re-enter the said information when you visit our Site or mobile applications.
Because the cookies or cookies used for the Functionality allow users to interact with this service or site to access the basic features of the service. Preferences such as the user's language preference, product optimizations that help maintain and improve the service, and retention of information about the user's session, such as shopping cart content, are considered essential features of a service.
Cookies used for security purposes authenticate users and protect users when interacting with a service.
However, cookies used for personalization improve the user's experience by providing personalized content and features.
Which Data is Processed with Cookies?
The data collected by the cookies processed by Cyber ​​Emergency are listed below:
Customer information
Device Information
Demographic Information
Marketing Information
Behavioral Advertising
Processing activities regarding data that are irreversibly anonymized during the use of cookies will be carried out regardless of the provisions of this Cookie Policy.
Which Cookies Do We Use For What Purpose?
Below are the different types of cookies we can use in Cyber Emergency Services.
What are Functional Cookies?
These cookies allow the website to offer enhanced functionality and personalization. These can be set by us or by third-party providers whose services we use on our pages.
Persistent cookies from Cyber Emergency Services will have a maximum lifespan of thirteen months from the last time you used the Cyber Emergency Services. Cookies used to remember your privacy settings (such as Advertising Preferences) can stay in your browser for up to 5 years.
What are Social Media Cookies?
These cookies are set by various social media services added to our site to enable you to share our content with your friends and network. While using other sites, they may also monitor your browser and create your interest profile. This may affect the content and messages you see on other sites you visit.
What are Advertising Cookies?
These cookies may be set on our site by our advertising partners. These can be used by relevant companies to build your interests profile and show you relevant ads on other sites. They do not store personally identifiable information, but uniquely identify your browser and Internet device. Cyber Urgent uses first and third party cookies to personalize, measure and deliver advertising and marketing messages. Interests on third party, Cyber Emergency and third party sites

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