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What you need to know to avoid blackmail

Updated: Apr 21

Victims of video blackmail crime are old or middle-aged men, unlike young women, which is generally believed lately. The fact that people are married is also a data that blackmailers abuse.

However, there may be victims who have a certain level of consciousness, as well as those who are completely unconscious and unfamiliar with internet technologies, who agree to send money to blackmailers or maintain mutual insulting communication. Those who send money to blackmailers may face an endless economic exploitation, while those who do not receive professional support or communicate with blackmailers in the form of mutual insults and threats will be left alone with the spread of a private image that can only be recovered in a long time.

"However, without the support of social media organizations, it is not possible to catch blackmailers, and it takes a long time to catch criminals. Therefore, it is a proven fact in our experience that the priority is to prevent the spread of blackmail images."

Intimate or Nude Video Blackmail

With the widespread use of the internet following the development of communication technology, it is seen that many crimes are committed over the internet. We can say that in all these platforms that facilitate communication, committing crimes is also facilitated at the same rate. Most blackmail crimes are committed on the internet through social networks on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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