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What you need to know if you're being blackmailed

Updated: Apr 21

Those who are victims of blackmail should not give in to blackmail. Giving in to blackmail and fulfilling the blackmailer's wishes will never end blackmail acts. On the contrary, doing what the blackmailer says will motivate the blackmailer to blackmail more. Therefore, those who are exposed to blackmail via Skype should definitely seek legal and professional help. The answer to the question of what the blackmail victim should do is to get help to stop the blackmail acts. Victims of blackmail can apply to us to take action against the sharing of images on the internet.

Sending money to the blackmailer is never the solution. Because those people also work in the form of an organization, they ask for money from people with their personal and private data, and if you send money, they share the images on the internet instead of deleting them. You can never be sure that images and data that you do not have a copy of will not be spread. We see that in the events encountered, money requests do not stop one after the other, and they continue at a rate close to one hundred percent.

Contrary to what is thought, most of the time we are faced with a network, not a person.

Studies show that the vast majority of victims do not decide to seek professional support.

repeatedly shows that they are defrauded by these organizations and organizations.

When you fall into the network of a network, you cannot get away by giving what is demanded of you.

Their purpose is your wealth. They won't stop until they get the last penny they can get from you.

Once they realize that you have yielded or can yield, it will result in an intense attack. Will they do what they say? Yes they will.

“Our experts will be with you 24/7 and will respond to the attacks in the best way possible so that you can bypass this process without any damage.”

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