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Instagram Blackmail

   A special form of threat crime is blackmail crime. Threats to certain values are considered as blackmail.

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   Social media tools or communication tools are used in the commission of many crimes. In particular, it is stated that your videos and images with sexual content obtained from chats on sharing and messaging platforms such as Instagram will be shared, and blackmail is committed in order to gain financial gain. Instagram blackmail and threats have become a very common situation today.

Instagram Blackmail
prevent them from learning about you

  1. Click More in the bottom left, then click Settings.

  2. Click on Privacy and Security.

  3. Under Account Privacy, click to check the box next to Private Account.

  4. Keep in mind that business profiles cannot hide their accounts. If you want to make your business account private, switch back to the personal account first.

Instagram Blackmail Stages:

   Instagram is one of the applications used by blackmail gangs.

The Messenger application makes it easy to both take your image and access your friend list of the blackmail gang. By adding them from different facebook accounts, they will allow you to see any message they want and they will try to catch your sensitive point. You should not show this person that you are afraid, and you should never say that you will send money.

Communicate with the blackmailer on Instagram

   You should communicate as little as possible. You should never give hope by saying that you will send money to save time. You should close your social media accounts and any platform where they can collect information about you from outsiders or freeze your account.

   Under no circumstances should you send money. Remember that no matter how much money you send, it will always ask for money again, and when you don't, you will be back to where you started.

She said she started sharing your images on Instagram

   It is the last sentence of the person who blackmailed you through the Instagram application before starting the posts. After this stage, he will start using the blackmail materials he has. He knows that he can get money from most victims to delete it after doing this. To prevent the spread of your videos, you should cut off your communication and get support from experts quickly.

What to do if blackmailed on Instagram?




The blackmail victim should cut off communication with the blackmailer and should not communicate no matter what the blackmailer does. Remember that you are not likely to find a middle ground with the blackmailer. The longer you stay in touch with you, the more he will grasp you and continue to abuse you.


Analysis and Evaluation

The analysis of the blackmailer or gang is the first step. Similarities with thousands of blackmail files are detected. The way the blackmailer will follow is determined and the data is evaluated. The road map to be followed is determined.


Technical support

After all data and evaluations are entered into the system, the stage of detection and blocking of shared and shared videos/images begins.

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